April 4, 2013

Wolcott : Takemoto Fall 2013

Photos via Wolcott : Takemoto

Wolcott : Takemoto is a small, independent New York City-based clothing line created by friends Joy Wolcott and Natasha Takemoto. The two are old pals from Seattle and reunited in NYC to pursue careers in fashion.

As many people do, the girls swiftly became frustrated by their lack of progress since arriving in the city. In this Synonym Journal interview, Natasha explains, "We were just sitting in the park one day talking about how frustrating it was that we weren’t doing what we came here to do when we had a classic lightbulb moment: why don’t we just do something together?" They quickly got to work and this fall line is their fourth collection as a duo.

I personally love the simple, clean and classic aesthetic (you know I'm a sucker for stripes) and that everything is made right here in New York City. You can find Wolcott : Takemoto at Steven Alan, Bird and online at Anaise.

Photography: Chibi Lai
Model: Jesse Partridge

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