May 28, 2013

Part & Parcel

Photos by Gillian Stevens of Part and Parcel

Jacket, matching top/skirt set: vintage
Bag: Madewell
Boots: Rachel Comey Mars Boots
Necklace and signet ring: In God We Trust
Opal ring: Catbird

A few weeks ago I received the sweetest email from Gillian Part & Parcel telling me she'd be in NYC for a few days. I'm a fan of her of lovely Vancouver-based blog, which she co-writes with pal Jennifer Moss. They document anything and everything that inspires them from style, food and DIY projects. It's all done so beautifully too, making Part & Parcel a joy to read and look at.

Gillian and I met at Van Leeuwen for a chat just before a torrential down pour had us fleeing for shelter. It's always a pleasure meeting such wonderful new people through this crazy thing we call the internet. Gillian and I live on opposite sides of the continent, but now those cities don't feel so far away.

You can see more photos from our coffee date over on Part & Parcel.

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