May 28, 2013

In God We Trust S/S 2013

Photos courtesy of In God We Trust

As anyone living or visiting New York in the summer knows, it get's really damn hot and half the time you're figuring out how to get the heck out of the city. That urge for escapism is the inspiration behind In God We Trust's Spring/Summer 2013 collection, which hits stores and online now.

If you're not familiar with the brand, In God We Trust is comprised of men's and women's apparel, jewelry and accessories that are inspired by everyday life. The collections embody designer Shana Tabor's traditional New England upbringing, along with her obsession with collections, everything vintage, and her irreverent, often dark-witted humor. Best part? Everything is designed and handmade with love right here in New York, NY, USA.

I'm absolutely in love with hand drawn prints this season. The sunnies print is perfect and you can't go wrong with the feminine, tailored, vintage-inspired silhouettes. I've been a long time fan of IGWT, so I hope you enjoy the collection as much as I do!

Photography: Kirsten Kay Thoen
Styling: Shana Tabor
Make up: Danielle Hartnett
Model: Rebecca Mapes

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