August 14, 2013

Hello from the North!

Photo by Greg

Jacket: Vintage Woolrich from from Philistine
Bag: vintage
Bracelets: vintage and In God We Trust

I spent this past week in Canada with my family. We have a small cottage up in the Muskoka Lakes Region, which is absolutely beautiful. I was thrilled to go because I hadn't been in two years, and after going up every year of my life, felt like a very long time to go without.

We drove the entire 621 miles with a pit stop in Toronto, which is where this picture was taken. We stayed in Parkdale and just spent our one day there walking around, exploring the Queeswest and Kingston Market neighborhoods. We ate lots of yummy food, picked up some books at Type, and I was lucky enough to finally meet Alex of Larkspur who is even sweeter and prettier in person (Seriously. That hair!).

Be prepared for a barrage of woodsy cottage photos this week which may include water skiing, hiking up Devil's Face and a swim at the waterfalls off Fish Hatchery Road. Stay tuned!

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