June 21, 2013

Larkspur Summer 2013

Photos courtesy of Larkspur

You know I love a good road trip, which is why I'm so in love with Larkspur's Summer Lookbook. It's perfectly nostalgic and kitschy at the same time, and combines so many of the things I love the most about summer-time travels: The open road, cheesy motels and small town thrifting. There's an intangible sense of adventure in here that's only something you feel after going on a trip like this yourself.

Personally, this has made me insanely excited about my own pending road trip up to Canada in August. I'll be spending 10 days at my family's cottage in Muskoka, and we'll be stopping in Niagra Falls on the way up. Cheesy motels, here I come!

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Photography and design: Kira Crugnale
Styling and models: Alex and Meaghan, shop owners

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