August 7, 2008


Everyone who knows me can tell you that I am obsessed with shoes. This is kind of humorous considering I used to be a one-pair-of-converse kinda gal. Now, I don't really mind paying a decent amount of money on the perfect pair of boots or flats where as I would not imagine paying more than $40 for some fancy heels let alone a pair of flats a couple years ago. My shoe collection has grown quite large since those days and I almost always add some more to my collection when fall and winter roll around. Some of my favorite shoes come out during the fall. Namely boots and rich colored flats!

Every year I tell myself that I will wear heels more often because they not only look fabulous, but I feel great when I wear them. Unfortunately I never follow through. I always end up wearing flats until it is so cold and snowy on the ground that I am forced to wear something else so my toes don't freeze off. Granted, riding boots are a good alternative that I often turn to, but I want to take some more risks this winter season! Step up my fashion game and look more like a grown woman during the winter months.

The next two shoe purchases I want to make to help me reach my winter fashion goals are a perfect pair of stacked heel boots and a pair of black maryjanes or t-straps that I can wear with dresses and tights this winter. I absolutely love these ones and they are only $80!

The boots on the other hand are a little more tricky as that kind of thing is usually a significant purchase. Now I know I said I don't mind paying a decent amount of cash for the perfect pair of shoes, but we are talking about maybe $300 worth of perfection and I will have to reeeally think about something that significant. As always, I will scour E-bay and the internet before committing to anything.

On a non-shoe related note, I have been getting a lot of fall/winter inspiration from Rachel of the Life Aesthetic. I absolutely love how she layers tights (among many other things). This is a well known winter trick that I have been doing for a long time, but I never thought to layer patterned tights over white ones, or colored tights over black ones to make the colors pop more. It's brilliant, cute and very practical for the winter!

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