March 30, 2009

I Love a Bargain!

One of the best things about thrifting is finding that one really amazing piece in the midst of a whole mess of junk. When I find something truly amazing, like a vintage Diane Von Furstenberg blouse for $4 at Savers, I have to pause for a moment to look around the store. Does anyone else know that this item is in this store?! It's such a rush because not only is it something truly valuable, but it's also economical way to shop! I am getting a unique item of clothing for a fraction of the price.

I feel the same way when I am searching for the perfect shoe, or jacket for example. Sometimes I look for months before I find exactly what I am looking for. I am very particular about the way things fit and look on me, so I would rather wait it out to find the exact thing I am looking for instead of just buying something that is close enough. I find that if you keep looking, and don't settle, the item of your dreams eventually does appear and often at a lower price.

This proved true once again this weekend. I have been searching for the perfect simple, wardrobe staple black pump for what seems like an eternity. I realized that I need (and want) a pair of good, classic pumps for interviews plus girls like this one from Garance Doré make wearing them look so effortlessly chic and casual.

Like I mentioned before, I am very particular about the way things fit and look on me and this is especially true with shoes. I wanted something classic, timeless. Something with a stacked heel (more comfortable) and a little bit of toe cleavage. What I REALLY wanted was a mary-jane with a slightly pointed toe. You'd think that such an item would be easy to find - but it's not. I'm just too picky!! I won't settle for something that is just OK because I know I won't wear it and that is a waste of money.

Anyway, I've been holding onto some shoe store gift certificates from Christmas and my birthday last year because every time I go to the shoe stores I don't find anything I like. It's been rather unusual for me and terribly disappointing. Yesterday I was out by the Natick Mall to return a pair of boots I ordered online (picky, picky!). The boy wanted to go to the book store, so I figured I would head over to DSW to browse while he looked for his book.

I walked into the DSW and it's a whole new place! They completely renovated the inside since the last time I went! It was the best sea of shoes I have ever seen! I immediately headed back to the sale section only to find a really beautiful pair of suede Stuart Weitzman pumps. They were priced at $179. Obviously way to much money BUT the price was a red sticker, which means they are actually an additional 50% off! Now that's still $90. Still a little too expensive for me, but then I remembered that I had a $50 gift certificate that my lovely brothers gave me for Christmas! I jumped up and down in disbelief! I ended up paying a measly $40 for a pair of perfectly classic designer pumps.

I really do love the trill of a bargain :)

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