June 8, 2009

Forest Bound

I've always admired Alice's designs. Every time I go to craft fairs around Boston I spend so much time at her Forest Bound booth fighting myself not to buy everything on the table! I've been fighting the urge to buy one of her geode necklaces for some time now and I think I might loose the fight next weekend at Mass Market.

My roommate liked her stuff so much that he bought a deer antler necklace for his girlfriend with total confidence and, of course, she loved it.

The bags she makes are to die for. Currently, I am in love with this one in her Etsy shop.

Everything is made from found or salvaged materials, which I think makes everything that much more special. Like her, I think it's important to recycle what has already been used and this doesn't only apply to clothing. When you buy a vintage piece of clothing you buy it knowing that it's one of a kind. It makes it special and unique. It has a previous life and character. Alice's designs are exactly the same in that way - from perfectly worn-in leather to 60 year old canvas from a WWII duffel bag, her items tell a story.

Right now this little pouch is the only thing of hers I own. I use it as a make up case, and it couldn't be more perfect! I am in the market for a new bag so I am definitely going to keep my eyes peeled for new stuff on the Forest Bound Etsy and you should too! In the meantime check out the Forest Bound blog for all the latest shop updates.

All photos from Alice's Forest Bound Flickr.

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