May 26, 2011


I really like Tennis. No, not the sport - the band. I think their story is so sweet. The duo, now married Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore, took a year long sailing trip down the eastern seaboard. Music wasn't really a goal of the trip, but after being home for a while they felt the need to communicate that experience in some way, and music came the most naturally.

It's definitely the perfect summer soundtrack and the video above has definitely put in the mood to see the ocean. I'm going home to Boston for the weekend and I may try to convince some friends to take a trip to the North Shore for some serious beach time.

I hope you all have some fun Memorial Day weekend plans! A BBQ, picnic or something like that. Enjoy the weather everyone!


angela said...

Really like this! Gonna go find more!

Also, have fun this weekend!

Fear is a Dirty Word said...

I love Tennis, thank you for sharing the vid!