August 22, 2011

Moving Day

Ugh. I am moving. My original plan was to stay put, but my landlord wanted to raise rent, and you know how that goes. Luckily Greg and I were able to find a place for less than what we would have paid to stay in my current place and now we don't have to deal with finding a roommate.

It's on the same block as the train stop (literally 300 feet from our door step!) and some of the best coffee shops, restaurants and bars are all within a two block radius. I was dreading the move, but now that it's set in stone, I'm really excited! I have never lived this close to the train before (the coveted L train!) and I am looking forward to living with only one other person.

On a side note, moving day in NYC aka May Day has some interesting history to it! All leases used to expire at the same time on the same day (May 1) throughout NYC, so it was madness in the streets with horse and carts everywhere and hundreds of families moving in and out of their new homes at the same time. I have to say that I'm glad that tradition is long gone!

The stress level is going to be up during the next ten days. Wish me luck guys!

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leahreena said...

So lucky & so excited for you! I hope I can pick up some of your Jefferson L train apartment hunting vibes in about a month... and I can't wait to live with just my boyfriend either!