February 29, 2012

Art Opening

Photos by Greg

Shirt: Dalaga
Dress: Vintage
Necklace: In God We Trust
Shoes: Madewell

My Aunt is in town from Portland, OR until the end of March for her solo exhibit. Most of my dad's family is out on the West Coast, so I always jump at the chance to see anyone if they're ever on the East Coast. Luckily my aunt is represented by a gallery here so I've had the chance to see her numerous times since moving here.

The "private" reception (for family and friends) was on Saturday so Greg and I went and it turned out to be somewhat of a family reunion! I had no idea that much family was going to be in town for the show so it was a treat to see everyone which included two aunts, two uncles, three cousins, my dad, and a whole handful of wives, kids, family friends, extended family and Greg's brother, sister in law and his two nephews!

Speaking of nephews, you may remember that I mentioned going to Greg's nephew's 2nd birthday party a couple weekends ago. Well, Greg and I got him a bunch of clothes which included a red gingham button up and a gray cardigan specifically because Greg owns the exact same items. By some miracle of family telepathy Greg wore said red gingham shirt and cardigan and Greg's sister in law dressed his nephew in that matching outfit we got him! CUTENESS ENSUED. Everything matched right down to the cuffed jeans and brown shoes.

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