March 3, 2012

Instagram Outfit Round Up Vol. 7

What I wore on Tuesday. Photos by me.

I'm starting to get antsy about the trip to Texas. I can't wait to go and work feels sluggish because of it. It's just that feeling of excitement before a vacation ya know? You just want it to be here already so everything else feels like a downer.

One upside was seeing my cousin Maya on Thursday! She was in town with her family and she stopped in NYC to see my aunt. I haven't seen her or her family in... 5 years maybe? Most of my dad's family lives in Portland, OR so I hardly ever see them. Luckily she's on Facebook and we can keep in touch and up to date that way, so it kind of feels like we know what's going on in each other's lives. It brings the East and West coast a little bit closer. Bless the internet.

Here's the outfit break down this week:

Monday: J.Crew sweater, H&M dress via swap, Madewell shoes
Tuesday: J.Crew sweater, thrifted blouse and shoes, skirt made by me
Wednesday: Madewell cardigan, thrifted lace tee and skirt,Madewell shoes
Thursday: Gifted sweater, Madewell dress and shoes
Friday: Sweater, pants and shoes are thrifted, striped shirt from Anthropologie





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