February 1, 2012

David Hockney on Mr. Porter

Photos via Mr. Porter

I love David Hockney. He was my favorite photographer, painter, artist and all around inspiring creative person during college. I even chose one of his paintings to try and copy exactly for my color theory class, so I was thrilled when Greg notified me of this great write up and style profile Mr. Porter did about him.

I always thought he had great style that was maybe a little bit too square for his art, but it was such a nice contrast to the otherwise weirdness that was happening during the 60s and 70s pop are scene. He was still wearing the nerdy classes, bow ties and classic English trench coats he donned during his formative years at the Royal College of Art.

I think Mr. Porter did a fantastic job of picking out the essentials that evoke Mr. Hockney's slightly quirky look and it just goes to show that the classics never die. Check out the full interview on Mr. Porter here and look at Mr. Hockney's fantastic art here.

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