February 19, 2012

Instagram Outfit Round Up Vol. 5

What I wore on Monday. Photos by me.

This week was an eventful one. Tuesday was Valentine's Day, but more importantly it was Greg's birthday! We had a semi romantic evening the night before which involved watching The Notebook in bed, so we decided to keep the real holiday casual. We just made a delicious dinner and had a quiet night which was really nice. I did make him my Gammy's famous mud cake though, which isn't much to look at but damn, is it the most delicious cake ever! We ate dinner with Greg's family on Wednesday and yesterday was his nephew's 2nd birthday party, so I wasn't kidding when I said it's been eventful.

Can you believe it's almost March?? Where is this year going?

Here's the outfit break down:

Monday: Thrifted sweater and dress, Madewell shoes
Tuesday (slightly festive outfit!): Shirt stolen from my mom, ancient Urban cardigan, vintage skirt from Clever Nettle, thrifted shoes
Wednesday: J.Crew cardigan, vintage blouse, wool In God We Trust short via sample sale, Madewell shoes
Thursday: Sweater via a swap, Urban dress, Madewell shoes
Friday: H&M men's shirt, thrifted skirt, Madewell shoes





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