February 23, 2012

Roof Top

Photos by Greg

Sweater: J.Crew
Top and skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Madewell

We haven't really had the chance to take advantage of our awesome roof. Although we've been having a insanely mild winter, the roof is definitely more of a Summer hang out spot. I look forward to having friends over for drinks and dinner on warmer nights this year now that we've unpacked and our place is starting to look more like an apartment instead of a storage facility. You might not be able to tell from these photos, but we have an amazing view of Manhattan!

We live on the third floor of our building and the stairs to the roof are right outside our door. We're lucky that it's a real stair case and not a scary wobbly metal latter like most Brooklyn apartments. Makes sneaking up for a quick photo shoot a lot easier!

This is what I wore on Sunday when we went out dinner with Greg's mom and her fiancee's sister. We went to a little French restaurant in Manhattan where I ate cheese puffs and a giant raspberry rose macaron. It was a nice end to a family filled weekend.

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