March 15, 2012


As you read this I will be on my way to Newark Airport to hop on a plane to Houston for Greg's mom's wedding. Afterwards, we're going on on a week long road trip across the Lonestar Star State.

The plan is to get delicious BBQ in Lockhart, hang out in Austin, visit the Alamo, see some art in Marfa and end the trip with three nights of camping, hiking, canoeing, rafting and s'more eating in Big Bend.

This feels like an extra special trip because it was almost two years ago that Greg and I took our very first big road trip from Pennsylvania to Corinth, Mississippi. It's also the last time we're going to get to spend a chunk of quality time together from now until the end of the presidential election in November (If you missed this in my last post, Greg is moving to New Hampshire to work on the Obama reelection campaign). It's for those reasons, and the fact that I really haven't had a vacation since St. Croix last August, that I am super excited to get out of New York.

I'm going to try my damnedest to keep up with this thing while I'm on the road, and at the very least keep up my "What I'm wearing today" posts on Instagram, but I apologize in advance if things are quiet over here.

See y'all in 10 days!

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