April 8, 2012

Instagram Outfit Round Up Vol. 10

What I wore on Monday. Photos by me.

I just realized that this week's outfits feature all of the items I thrifted while I was away! The polka dot pants from Monday and the jeans from Wednesday were major scores from a Goodwill in Lake Charles. We passed on our way to IHOP for a late night dinner the night our tire blew out. I knew we had to go back before we skipped town and man oh man am I glad we did! The polka dot pants are basically like pjs and the jeans are the most perfect pair of Wranglers I have ever found. High waisted, tight in all the right places, wide legged but not flares. I feel very 70s in them and also maybe a little bit like ├╝ber babe Leeann. Girl knows how to rock some jeans.

I also got the polka dot blouse from Friday's outfit at Value Village in Texas. Greg used to go there in high school to score ridiculous vintage goods so it was fun for him to revisit. I didn't end up finding too much there, but the blouse is a great find. I know I'll get a lot of wear out of it!

Here's this week's break down:

Monday: Madewell cardigan, thrifted blouse and pants, shoes vintage via Etsy
Tuesday: Madewell caridgan, thrifted dress, Madewell boots
Wednesday: Men's shirt from H&M, thrifted jeans, Asos espadrilles
Thursday: J.Crew cardigan, vintage dress from my friend Heidi's shop, Madewell boots
Friday: Madewell cardigan, thrifted blouse and skirt, Madewell boots

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