April 12, 2012

Work It Out

Photo courtesy of Dalaga

Shirt and dress: Dalaga
Shoes: Madewell

My boss snapped this photo of me a week or two ago when I was decked out in Dalaga duds. We posted it on the store blog so I figured I should share on here too!

I had been waiting for this dress since last fall I think. I saw it while we were on a buying trip and I gasped and said, "NEED" as I grabbed it off the rack. It's funny because on the same day I wore this outfit, I saw that Zoƫ from Lion Heart Vintage was sporting an almost identical outfit in her latest blog post! I swear, she is my brunette style twin sometimes.

I'm still going through and editing all my Texas pictures so bear with me. They'll be up here soon enough.

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