April 5, 2012

Frances Baker Autumn/Winter 2012

Photos via Frances Baker

Photography and Art Direction - Hannah Kelly
Model - Kristin Eddy
Hair - Sarah Townsend
Makeup - Miriam Collopy
Props and Assistance - Sarah Adkins
Styling - Josie Ryder

Well, Josie has done it again. Just when I thought it couldn't get any more dreamy than the Spring/Summer collection, she out does herself with this perfect fall look book. I know what you're thinking - "Fall? Already??" I know we're just entering the warmer month in the US, but keep in mind that Josie is based in Melbourne, so our seasons our switched! We're entering Spring and Summer as Fall is rolling in there, but she doesn't miss a beat.

Even though Frances Baker is based in Australia, there is something... British to me about this look book. I imagine this girl has spent her summer in the country side and now she is packing up her books and bags to head back on the train to university for the semester.

I also love that Josie made her very own prints this season. We got a little sneak peak not too long ago and I have to say that those photos did not do the gorgeous leaf prints justice!

My favorite pieces are definitely The Mountain Dwellers and Falling Leaves dresses. Not to mention The Dreamers Blouse which is basically the most perfect blouse ever that would go with any of the skirts and jumpers that live in my closet.

It's not even summer yet, but Frances Baker has me jonesing for fall! You can shop the entire new collection here. What's your favorite piece?

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