May 21, 2012

Dalaga Grand Opening

Photos by Ernie Peña and Ariele Hertzoff

I can't believe that this was almost two weeks ago! The grand opening at Dalaga in SoHo can be described in one word: crazy. There was a line to get into the store before we even opened and once the party was in full swing, there was a line to the end of the block at Mulberry St. Some people had to wait and hour to get in!

As much as I hate making people wait, it was a sure sign of success. We got lots of really great press coverage leading up to the event and most of the guests were new customers and were totally happy to wait to see the new space and shop the collection.

I was excited to see friends and family throughout the night, especially Emma who had just graduated a few hours before hand and brought her super cute mom along. Even my aunt and uncle came by for a bit! I'm also glad that Kallie is finally in the city. I like seeing her adorable face around here more often!

The opening marks a new chapter for Dalaga, one that Mary and Michelle have been talking about even before I arrived on the scene almost a year ago. I'm just so grateful that I'm able to be part of that growth and I can't wait to see what's next! To see more photos of the event, check out the new store's Facebook page.

My outfit details:
Barette: Lawrence
Top and lace slip: Dalaga
Shoes: Chelsea Crew


Leah and Hannah

And their main squeezes, Landon and Dylan

Sammy, Jodi and Me

Me and cute Kallie

Hannah, Emma and Me

Restocking the cupcakes!

Team Dalaga!

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