May 18, 2012

Just Great

Photos by Greg

Cardigan: J.Crew
Top and pants: thrifted
Tote: Libris Lunaria
Shoes: Dalaga

So you've probably noticed that I've taken a break from my daily Instagram outfits, so I figured I would do a real outfit post as a consolation! It's been a crazy two weeks with the second store opening last Thursday and my best gal pal has been in town for the past week from LA. I knew I wasn't going to be able to keep up so I decided to just chill for a couple weeks. Never fear - #wiwt will be back up and running on Monday!

These are taken right by the same Cheap Storage loft/warehouse building I've posted about previously. I've been inside since that first post and it reminds me of where I lived in Clinton Hill the first year I moved to NYC. Lots of people living in a giant open space with built out rooms without windows in them. While that kind of space is it's great for some, it's definitely not meant for me. I am happy to be across the street in my converted railroad with closets and windows in my bedroom.

I'm off to visit Greg in NH this weekend! It's supposed to be glorious and warm the entire time so I'm looking forward to doing something very New Englandy. Perhaps a lobster roll in Portsmouth? Hope you have a great weekend too!

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