May 6, 2012

Instgram Outfit Round Up Vol. 14

What I wore on Friday. Photos by me.

Sorry for the belated post! Greg came down for a visit this weekend and I was just too busy enjoying his company to even glance at the internet all weekend. We got a lot done - picked up a chair from my dad's house, finally got our couch, saw our pal Jodi for her birthday brunch and went to Landon's book launch. We also got to see Greg's nephews this afternoon which always brightens my mood no matter what the circumstances. Will was especially excited to see us ("Unkie and Ziz!") which was fun because he was very interested in playing with us and he held my hand the entire time when we went for a walk. It was probably the best weekend we've had in a long time.

Here's this week's break down:

Monday: Shirt and jeans are thrifted, shoes from Asos
Tuesday: H&M dress worn as a shirt, thirfted school uniform, Madewell boots
Wednesday: Madewell cardigan and shoes, Dalaga blouse, thrifted skirt
Thursday: Leah's button up via a swap, thrifted pants, Dalaga shoes
Friday: Thrifted blazer, Madewell dress, thrifted shoes (Ferragamos for $15!)





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