May 2, 2012

Texas Pt. 1

Photos by Greg

Top: stolen from my mom
Skirt: Steven Alan
Bag: vintage
Shoes: Asos

Well, here they are - the first round (of many) of pictures from our Texas trip from the end of March.

These are from our very first day when we drove from Houston to Austin. We stopped at Mikeska's BBQ, which is where I'm sitting in the first picture, mostly because Greg was hungry but also because it's where he and his dad always stopped on the way to Austin when Greg was little. The food wasn't anything special (especially compared to Kreuz) but it did the trick. Plus the decor was amazing, as you can see.

We went straight to the state capitol when we arrived in Austin and we were lucky enough to get into the building before it closed for the day. The Texas legislature only meets once every two years so the building was a ghost town. It really is a beautiful place and I highly recommend visiting it if you ever have the chance. Here's an interesting fact: you can find a painted portrait of every single Texas governor ever within the walls of the capitol. Also, Texans love Sam Houston.

Greg also suggested that I mention that the Texas Capitol is taller than the US Capitol building and that there are four monuments to the Confederacy on the grounds (even though Sam Houston opposed secession).

More Texas history and trivia is on the way so hold tight!

P.S. I was really happy to add to my growing collection of photos of myself with cannons during this trip and Greg enjoyed adding to his pictures-of-liz-being-annoyed-as-I-take-an-extreme-close-up-of-her-face collection.

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