August 27, 2012

Industry of One: Matt

All photos via Industry of One

It's weird to think that Matt and I met less than a year ago because it feels like I've known him for much longer. By some weird twist of fate our mutual pal Aurore introduced us at one of her band's shows in Brooklyn last winter. She said, "Liz, do you know Matt? You guys have a ton in common and would really get along." Man, was she right. Turns out we had been at the same Racked event not less than a week before and I distinctly remember seeing him and his Epaulet crew across the room and thinking, "Damn, those guys look good." Even stranger still, Matt lives about a block away from me so it's been nice to have a pal so close to get drinks with every now and then when we both aren't totally exhausted from work.

Anyway, you can imagine how stoked I was to see his dapper self pop up on Industry of One, which features creative types living and working in NYC, striving to do their own thing and being successful at it. They did a fantastic feature on Amy too, which you should check out as well.

Matt has been through the ringer more than a few times but somehow has a good head on his shoulders, and more than ever knows what he wants for himself which is really encouraging. Especially for someone like me who is still in the process of figuring it all out.

P.S. Ladies - he's single!

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