January 7, 2013


Photos by Greg

Blouse: Silk Boyshirt from Madewell
Pinafore: Mona
Coat: J.Crew
Shoes: thrifted

I can't quite remember when and where I discovered Mona, but I do know I fell even more in love with this Israeli based line after seeing the F/W 2012 collection over on Erin's blog. I think it's obvious why I became smitten - the pinafores, collared blouses and prim detailing are reminiscent of school uniforms, and as one of my friends (who is a Catholic school teacher in Boston) astutely pointed out, I look like I could be one of his students. Hopefully I don't actually looks like a 5th grader, but I definitely do draw inspiration from the clean, buttoned up look of a school uniform when I get dressed these days.

Moriah was sweet enough to send me my favorite piece from her collection—this perfect pinafore dress. She's also kind enough to offer all of you 40% off her F/W collection! Just use the code OLIVEMYLOVE40 at check out. The discount only lasts three days, so hop to it and get a dress of your own before Thursday!

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